Hello everyone, <BR><BR>I created a web based asp.net application using c#. I want to view my application in a pocket pc. But when i see it in a pocket pc some of the elements position are disturbed. for example Submit button comes on top reset button at the end. password text box is seen first then userid text field, so all the locations are mixed up. On the design form i tried to change the location of text boxes then view it on a pocket pc, but nothing happens. But when i see the same application in a browser it is exaclty the same as i am creating using visual studio .net. <BR>Is there any property tool where i can change the positions/indexing of the text boxes so that i can view according to my wish. <BR>PLEASE NOTE: This is a web based application NOT windows applicaion to be view in a pocket pc 2002. <BR><BR>thanks in advance, <BR>pxjoshi