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Thread: calling a .net dll in asp

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    I've read that I have to create a COM wrapper for my .net dll to be able to call it in asp. The whole reason I want to rewrite my dll in c# is because I'm tired of having make changes and then go down to our data center to uninstall and reinstall the new dll. But, if I understand how regasm works, it sounds like you'd have to run that each time you make a change to your .net dll and then reinstall that in com on the server? Is that right? If so, then there's really no point in doing this in .net if I'm going to have to reinstall every time anyway. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Dump all the asp ;)<BR>How about using remote desktop to save the walk?<BR><BR>In COM it has to play by the COM rules...<BR><BR>Use a SOAP web service, implement it however you like.<BR>Use the SOAP toolkit to create a COM component that provides the same methods, but which is actualy invoking the remote service.<BR><BR>Look over the Service Oriented Architecture stuff.<BR>

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