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    Rob Guest

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    Can someone tell me how to do this properly<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT AVG(score),score FROM TBLData GROUP BY score"<BR>set rs = adoConn.execute(SQL)<BR><BR>This works fine however I want to print this average. When<BR>I try to like this<BR>response.write rs("score")<BR><BR>it gives me the exact score and not the average.<BR>How do I write the average?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>ROb<BR><BR>

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    geeoff Guest

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    SQL = "SELECT AVG(score) AS the_avg_score, score FROM TBLData GROUP BY score"<BR>set rs = adoConn.execute(SQL)<BR><BR>response.write rs("the_avg_score")<BR><BR>

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