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    I have been looking for an answer to this in a few places to no avail. Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction...<BR><BR>In Interdev, you can you type Response. and then get a tab list of all the different options of the Response class. Does ASP.NET have this for its classes? I know I can use the ClassBrowser that comes with WebMatrix to see all the details of the classes, but is it complete? For example:<BR><BR>message1.text = "this message"<BR>message1.backcolor =<BR>message1.font.italic = true<BR><BR>Where can I get a list of all the elements of "message1"? I might be looking inthe wrong place, as I am still getting my feet wet with .NET. Thanks!

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    The class browser in WebMatrix is complete far as I know. Intellisense is what you are talking about when you get that pop-up list. That is an IDE feature and WebMatrix does not have it. You would have to get another full featured .Net IDE like MS Visual Studio .Net.

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