I am trying to convert my pages to Javascript from VBScript and<BR>I have run into this problem. I have a submit function which is executed when a link in a table row is clicked. This function<BR>needs to pass the table row value in a hidden field to the next form. My problem is that I don&#039t know how to reference it in javasript. Here is what I have done in VBSCRIPT, can someone help me translate? (The syntax is already changed to javascript)<BR><BR>function submitForm(nRow)<BR>{<BR>document.formVendors.pass VckId = document.formVendors.VndrTable.rows.item(nRow).cel ls.item(0).innertext;<BR>document.formVendors.subm it();<BR>}<BR><BR>The table ID is VndrTable. nRow is a passed variable containing the row selected. What is the correct way to reference the first cell in that row?