I am trying to utilize data from a database(tried SQL and ACCESS)on a asp page. I&#039;m creating using Visual Interdev6.0 and the data connection tests OK, The data view and project explorer show the tables from the DB but the data never shows up on the page or in the SQL query builder (all panels are blank).On the dtc recordset the database object and object name reflect the parts from the DB. I&#039;ve tried building with a DB project(2 projects) and without, connection on the global.asa or on the project, nothing works. I can write a nice asp code a dne get it to work, I can make a connection in Frontpage and get it to work, just not Interdev????<BR>I usually get "Exception occurred./dbproject/ASP Page1.asp, line 22" with line 22 being a reference to the " var rsTmp = DE.Recordsets(&#039;Command1&#039;);" which is part of the recordset DTC.<BR>Using Office 2000, Windows 2000(tried on server and pro), SQL Server 2000.<BR>I have check for guest permissions on the mdb<BR>Help