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    Hi, <BR><BR>I have got a form which i need to draw information into from 2 separate records, in the same table. <BR><BR>The form is a booking form, booking info at the top of the page and material information being shown in the lower half.<BR><BR>Information for whole new bookings may be made of a compilatation of previous booking information, material information from a different booking record.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how i can select information from 2 separate records, to be compiled into a new record would be greatly appreciated. - Sorry if it could be a Java related Q

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    Default I don't understand the relevancy...

    ...of two separate records to how the page/form is rendered.<BR><BR>Nobody ever said you could only put data from one query or one record into a single &#060;FORM&#062;. No reason you can&#039;t have info from dozens of records, from the same or separate queries, in a single &#060;form&#062;.<BR><BR>You just make sure you name the form fields in such a way that you can keep it all straight when the form posts to the next page.<BR><BR>And how/why would it be a Java-related question???? Are you using a Java Applet to display the page???? [Or did you really mean JavaScript?]<BR><BR>

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