Hello there,<BR><BR>We have a label printer with its own propretary label printing<BR>software and this software has to be used to print labels using the<BR>printer.<BR><BR>There are files that are used by the label printing software to define<BR>the current label layout and text etc etc. I set up a blank barcode<BR>with dummy data in it and thought that editing it programatically and<BR>saving as a new file would give me a new barcode label file for the<BR>barcode I wanted to generate.<BR><BR>In my program I am now trying to read in the blank file, replace the<BR>barcode text with the one I now want to generate and save it to a new<BR>file which could then be opened in the label printing app.<BR><BR>I can read the file in and replace the text but it won&#039;t save<BR>correctly, looking at the generated file I can see that it has saved<BR>slightly differently. Does anybody know how I would get around this<BR>problem??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR><BR> Private Sub GenerateDymoLabel()<BR> Dim objFileStream As StreamReader<BR> Dim objFileStreamWriter As StreamWriter<BR> Dim strData As String<BR> strBarCode = txtBarCode.Text<BR> If strBarCode.Length = 7 Then<BR> objFileStream =<BR>File.OpenText("c:\inetpub\wwwroot\barcodecomp onent\barcodes\blank.lwl")<BR> strData = objFileStream.ReadToEnd<BR> objFileStream.Close()<BR> strData = strData.Replace("*-*-*-*", strBarCode)<BR> objFileStreamWriter = New<BR>StreamWriter("c:\inetpub\wwwroot\barcodecom ponent\barcodes\" &<BR>strBarCode & ".lwl")<BR> objFileStreamWriter.WriteLine(strData)<BR> objFileStreamWriter.Close()<BR> lnkLabel.NavigateUrl = "./barcodes/" & strBarCode & ".lwl"<BR> lnkLabel.Visible = True<BR> End If<BR> objFileStream = Nothing<BR> objFileStreamWriter = Nothing<BR> End Sub<BR>