Hi, I am having problems reading multiple/nested(?) arrays in the session object. My code is for a shopping cart system.<BR>4 values are passed in via the querystring and are put in an array called item. this array is then placed into an array of items, which is a session variable called items. i.e. I have an array of 4 items(called item) nested inside an array of items(called items). I am trying to create a loop that will print out all the values in all the item arrays in the items array.I can write the loop code, my problem is that I can&#039t load an item array into an array that I have created in the page. Here is my code <BR>&#060;%<BR>artist=Request.querystring("artist" )<BR>title=Request.querystring("title")<BR>price=R equest.querystring("price")<BR>file=Request.querys tring("file")<BR><BR>dim item(4),anitem(4)<BR><BR>item(0)=artist<BR>item(1) =title<BR>item(2)=price<BR>item(3)=file<BR><BR>ses sion("itemcount")=session("itemcount") <BR>&#039item count keeps track of the number of items<BR>session("items")(itemcount)=item <BR>&#039passing the new item into an array of items<BR>session("itemcount")=session("itemcount") +1 <BR>&#039incrementing the item counter<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I can&#039t work out the correct syntax to pull an item array from the array of items and put it into &#039anitem(4)&#039<BR> i.e. is it<BR> anitem=session("items")(0)<BR> or anitem()=session("items")(0)<BR> or anitem(0)=session("items")(0)(0) <BR> etc (I know it&#039s none of the above because I&#039ve tried them !)<BR><BR>If anyone can understand what I&#039m trying to say, I&#039d greatly appreciate some advice!<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance - Dominic<BR><BR>