Hello everyone. I&#039;m having difficulties with my shopping cart. I can add items into the cart from the page where the items are listed. However on the shopping cart page there is a option of updating the quantity level via inputing a number into a text box and clicking the update button. This isn&#039;t updating. The only way I can currently update the shopping cart is by going back to the product and adding it to the cart again.<BR><BR>Heres the update function I got:<BR><BR>&#039; Update Shopping Cart Quantities<BR>IF Request( "updateQ" ) &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR>SET RS = Server.CreateObject( "ADODB.Recordset" )<BR>RS.ActiveConnection = Con<BR>RS.CursorType = adOpenDynamic<BR>RS.LockType = adLockOptimistic<BR>sqlString = "SELECT cart_id, cart_quantity FROM cart " &_<BR> "WHERE cart_cusID=" & cusID<BR>RS.Open sqlString<BR>WHILE NOT RS.EOF<BR>newQ = TRIM( Request( "pq" & RS( "cart_id" ) ) )<BR>deleteProduct = TRIM( Request( "pd" & RS( "cart_id" ) ) ) <BR>IF newQ = "" OR newQ = "0" OR deleteProduct &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR> RS.Delete<BR>ELSE<BR> IF isNumeric( newQ ) THEN<BR> RS( "cart_quantity" ) = newQ<BR> END IF<BR>END IF<BR>RS.MoveNext<BR>WEND<BR>RS.Close<BR>SET RS = Nothing<BR>END IF<BR><BR>Heres the input box to update the quantity:<BR><BR>&#060;input name="pq&#060;%=RS( "cart_id" )%&#062;" type="number" size=4<BR> value="&#060;%=RS( "cart_quantity" )%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Thanks