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    I keep getting this same error and I am completly stumped!<BR><BR><BR>CInt type mismatch line 37 which is:<BR><BR>*************************************** *********<BR>If Request.QueryString("page") = "" Then<BR> iPageCurrent = 1<BR>Else<BR> iPageCurrent = CInt(Request.QueryString("page"))<BR>End If<BR>******************************************** **<BR><BR>The page is I am getting an error on is a db paging script. It was all working fine till I changed directorys in Dreamweaver. <BR><BR>Any help would be great<BR><BR>Thanks

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    If (Request.QueryString("page")& "") = "" Then<BR>iPageCurrent = 1<BR>Else<BR>iPageCurrent = CLng(Request.QueryString("page"))<BR>End If

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