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    Default Content Management System - Possibly one for ATRAX

    Hey guys,<BR>I have a number of questions that I would like to ask. Firstly, Im in the process of putting together a simple text file based content manangement system. For this I am not using a database, just text files.<BR><BR>I have created a page that lists the contents of a particular folder that contains these text files. Basically the text files are given names that reflect the page of which they are displayed on. EG. services.txt contains relevant information that is displayed on the services.asp page. Fair enough?<BR><BR>Ok, what I would like to do, is allow the user to click on the name of the text file and have it push to a textarea that can then be edited. Once they have completed the desired changes, they then press submit and this then overwrites the text file and updates the content. Understand? My problem is firstly, hyperlinking to the edit page. I have tried this without luck..<BR><BR>response.write "&#060;a href=""../cms/edit.asp?file=" & objFile.Name & """&#060;/a&#062;&#060;img src=""../images/save.gif"" align=""absmiddle"" border=""0"" alt=""Modify this file""&#062;&#060;b&#062;&#060;/a&#062;" & objFile.Name & "&#060;/b&#062;"<BR><BR>This seems effective, however I am unsure as to how to catch the correct text file at the other end?<BR><BR>Ive tried this without luck..<BR><BR>const strFileName = "C:InetpubwwwrootAboutWEBcontent\" & request.querystring("file") <BR><BR>When using this I get an ERROR.<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a0415&#039; <BR>Expected literal constant <BR>/aboutWEB/cms/edit.asp, line 50 const strFileName = "C:InetpubwwwrootAboutWEBcontent\" & request.QueryString("file")<BR><BR>Not sure here?<BR><BR>Also, how would I go about pushing the contents of the text file to a textarea to allow manipulation of the data?<BR><BR>Totally lost,<BR>John<BR><BR>PS. Atrax, I would quite like to use the CMS of which I purchased a while ago and use the word like interface but for this I would probably require extensive assistance.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Man, this is proving tougher than I thought

    Does anyone have any information on text file based content management systems?<BR><BR>I just want to offer my clients a simple Content Management solution without the additional costs of implementing a database.<BR><BR>John

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    Default RE: Man, this is proving tougher than I thought

    why don&#039;t you browse through maybe you&#039;ll find something free there. Hope it help.sorry if it doen&#039;t help at all

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    Default ATRAX - I really need your help on this one!


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    Default RE: ATRAX - I really need your help on this one!

    can&#039;t assign it using variables like that, use a regular string variable:<BR><BR>Dim strFileName <BR>strFileName = "C:InetpubwwwrootAboutWEBcontent\" & request.querystring("file") <BR><BR>or use a constant for the path and append the filename as you open the file. And to read the file just use FSO, tons of stuff on FSO in the FAQ including how to open and read a text file. When they are done their edits and they submit the form use FSO to delete the existing file and re-create it. There may even be an option to have FSO create the file overwriting the old, I forget but I&#039;m sure it&#039;s in the docs.<BR>

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    Default errr...but I have tried that

    ...and without success.<BR><BR>I have no problem with the FSO stuff. Just calling the correct text file and pushing it to a textarea to allow manipulation of the data.<BR><BR>Anyone got Atrax&#039;s email addy?

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    Default oh hang apologies

    I see you have removed the *const* from that entry.<BR><BR>I gather this must make a difference? Ill give it a shot.<BR><BR>Next step is then pushing it to the textarea (if this works that is)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John

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    Default A constant is just that

    CONSTANT, you can&#039;t manipulate it like other variables, can&#039;t append over vars to it, you just define it and that&#039;s that. I think Bill even mentioned once that it&#039;s not even treated by the compiler like other variables.

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