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    Default Session state in SQL server

    Hi guys,<BR><BR>Am a newbie to .Net<BR>I learnt that in .Net session state can be stored in 3 ways namely in-process, state server and SQL server. Can any one explain me, how the session state is maintained in SQL server?<BR><BR>My concern is, we may store objects (such as dictionary obj) in our session variables, in such scenario how is it stored in SQL server?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Hari<BR>

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    Default stored as varbinary or an image data type

    Can&#039;t remember for sure exactly which one. Either way, it isn&#039;t the most effecient means to store data in SQL Server (read in BOL amount the performance ramifications of these two column types).<BR><BR>The other thing I don&#039;t like is that at the very end of the page request (handled outside of your own code but accessible if you need it) is that it will process an Update back to the database even if you didn&#039;t change a single session value.<BR><BR>I studied SQL Server Profiler while running SQL Server for session state and watched how it worked.

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