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    Is there a way to monitor the time a session has been alive and at a certain time popup a box which warns the user that it will expire soon? At this point I would like to allow them to be able to reset the session if they require additional time.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Rudi

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    Default No, but yes...

    Since the session timing is taking place ON THE SERVER, and since any time you make an ASP query to the server the timer starts all over, you could do this by using an &#060;IFRAME&#062; or hidden frame to ask for the time remaining...but the answer would then always be the same! 20 minutes, by default.<BR><BR>BUT...<BR><BR>But you *could* simply use a countdown JavaScript timer on the web page that would remind the user how much time is left. You could fudge and say there are only 15 minutes left when actually there are 20 left, just to give a bit of a cushion.<BR><BR>

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