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    1. ive created update-type queries in my access database, and i want to call them from a webpage. how do i do that? or do i just copy the sql from the queries in the database into the webpage?<BR><BR>2. the update queries are going to update some records. is there a way to have the queries return the id&#039;s of the records i just updated?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>corey

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    Default Well, answer # 2 first...

    ...no. Access doesn&#039;t have an ability to do this in a single query. <BR><BR>For #1: I&#039;ve never tried it, but I would imagine you could use<BR> ADODB.RecordSet.Open<BR>and just specify the query name as if it were a table name. Or maybe alter the last argument to Open to indicate procedure???<BR><BR>Nuts. Now you&#039;re gonna make me go find out, aren&#039;t you?<BR><BR>I can&#039;t figure out how useful a query that does an update but that takes no parameters would be in any "real world" situation I&#039;ve run across.<BR><BR>

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