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    I know nothing about asp but am familiar with HTML and have been asked by a large organisation to contribute to their website. They require all documents to be appended with ".asp" not .htm. Can I simply create HTML documents and put .asp instead of .htm, and the server handles the rest? Or do I have to insert asp scripts into my pages to comply with the .asp protocols? <BR><BR>I have gleaned from the net that I may be required to make different pages for different browser platforms, which are then chosen by the server according to browser type etc. If so, is there a standard asp script that I can insert to make this work or, again, is it likely that this will be handled by the back-end people in the organisation I&#039m (hopefully!) about to work for? Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, you can put .asp on instead of .html on any of your html pages. But it isn&#039t going to do any asp unless you put the code in there.

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