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Thread: Need help with transferring execution between asp

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    Default Need help with transferring execution between asp

    Hi,<BR> <BR>I have an ASP form where users are asked to enter only their usernames and submit the form.<BR><BR>I want to retrieve the other related information of the user from the database based on the username and want to resubmit the information as a form submission (post) to another site. <BR><BR>In short, I am looking for something similar to the Server.Transfer function. I know that Server.Transfer do not allow to transfer execution to the files on other servers. <BR><BR>Secondly I am looking for ways of creating and submitting a new form to an asp page on a different server as I will be retriving other related information about the user based on username. <BR><BR>All this has to be done on the server end. Can you please help me how I should go about this problem. I believe it can be done using some components.<BR><BR>Did anyone experience such challenges before. Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>

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    Default From a high level view..

    Look into the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP objects. It&#039;ll allow you to use HTTP/HTTPS to communicate with other servers.

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