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    I have a custom datagrid control that I derived from DataGrid and in the render method, I add a TextBox inside each of the cells then call the base.Render() method. The control displays correctly (with editable textboxes instead of cells). However I&#039;m not able to get any of the information written inside the textboxes... I&#039;m not even able to find these textbox controls...<BR>Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default may be better off...

    ... in the ASP.NET forum.<BR><BR>with some extra info perhaps.

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    Default I would imagine...

    ...that you could reach the "inside" controls by way of the DataGrid.Controls( ) collection, at a minimum.<BR><BR>Problem is, you can only reference things in that collection by number, not ID or name. You might want to add your own collection to your custom grid, such as a hashtable, so that you can look up members by name. But understand that these dynamically added controls really *don&#039;t* have a name that is accessible from the form, per se.

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