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    Who will be the next Bill Gates, is Scott Mitchell a strong pupil and heir???<BR><BR>do you know more names?<BR><BR>Is Mauricio Fuentes on the list????<BR><BR>do you have psycho dreams like me???<BR><BR>What about Klooj_it, Akhilesh???? are they the heir enemies???<BR><BR>Is Bill Wilkinson too old???...

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    Default M.O.R.O.N.

    You forgot to ask:<BR><BR>Is Mauricio Fuentes as a big an idiot as everyone<BR>says?<BR><BR>Of course, the answer would your conscience by<BR>replying to this post.

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    Mauricio, all this "wow, check out how &#039;mad&#039; I am" routine gets a little wearing after a while. No offence.

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