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    hi all,<BR><BR>I am using Winows 2000. I want to send emails from my ASP script. I am testing this script in my local computer which is connected to internet through dial up. I have SMTP virtual server installed. I have all the scripts ready but, the PROBLEM is that I dont have valid SMTP mail server address for message relay. I can give this only if I upload it into the server finally hosting my ASP script. Could someone please tell me how can i test sending mails within my local computer. or is there any SMTP server address in internet that I can use to realy the message, please help.<BR><BR>rgds<BR>pradeep

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    if you&#039;re using CDO or CDONTS you can use the local SMTP server without specifying a server in your script.<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR><BR>

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