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    I am creating an online store, I append to a string with the id of an item that the user has chose to "add to cart." the string is comma delimited, the use the SQL IN Clause to output the items when they want to view their cart....<BR><BR>but! one problem, I dont have the functionality to give each item a QUANTITY....<BR><BR>I have been doing soem research on multi-dimentional arrays, but for some reason, with my learning of VBScript, I have never heard of multi-dimentional arrays, yeah stupid eh?<BR><BR>Anyway, can someone give me a rundown on how I would store the Item ID, and its quantity into a Multi-Dimentional Array. I need to be able to add onto or subtract from teh quantity of cource, And I would need functionality to remove the element from the array when the user wants to remove the item...<BR><BR>I&#039;m sorry, I have been up since early this morning... I&#039;m just really tired...

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    Default ASPFAQs, category Arrays

    Look for FAQ on storing arrays in session variables.<BR><BR>It actually uses a shopping cart as an example.<BR><BR>As for removing from the array: I&#039;d simply set the quantity to zero and then never show or process any element with a zero quantity. Too much trouble to actually remove *all* the info, really.<BR><BR>

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