IE and Netscape and Newbies oh my.

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Thread: IE and Netscape and Newbies oh my.

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am a newbie and I have convinced my entire office that ASP.NET is the way to go. I got the go ahead from my boss to build a critical app using dotnet and for a while everything was awesome. Then I went to check the app in Netscape and none of the styles, Button controls or Redirects worked. I then went back to IE and all the sudden even IE was having the same problems, no styles, button controls and redirects not working. I am even getting a 404 error on a page that I am positive exists. I thought that it was a codebehind file that was compiled for Netscape so I forced a recompile and still nothings working. This looks really bad for dotnet and it is making my argument of it&#039;s superiority fall flat. I realize that it is definitely something I am doing wrong, but what is it? I don&#039;t even know where to begin looking. If someone can offer help I can email the URL of the app and zip up the code that it is using. In the imortal words of James Brown "Please, Please, Please..."

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    To start with dont panic... its prob something stupid you are over looking. Billions of dollars have ben spent bringing this technology to us and rest assured you can trust it. 1)Start with the basics... run the app in a dev env. to check that it is still working properly. 2.) Upload your site again or just be sure all files and dll&#039;s that the app needs are present. 3.)Make sure the server has the framework up and isn&#039;t exp any problems. Really isnt much to getting a site up and running... now as to why no styles and button controls.... well hmmm unless you got extremly creative in your usage of stylesheets based on browser conditions, you should be getting your styles. Easy to check by emptying your cache and hitting the site and checking your browser cache to see if its downloaded. Not getting your buttons to render well that just sounds like some crazy coding in the background... if it worked before it should work again.... LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT... is once you have your site working again make a backup of this working snapshot so you can fall back on it in case you screw it up again doing enhancements lol. goodluck!

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