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    Hi,<BR>i am using SQL Server 6.5. Now i have 2 tables "answers" and "questions". Now for every question there exist more than 1 answers. so "question_id" which is the primary key in questions table, is(or is intended to be!!) the foreign key in the answers table. so one could expect the following for question_id = 1 in the answers table.<BR><BR>answer_id question_id<BR>--------------------------<BR>1 1<BR>2 1<BR>3 1<BR><BR>Now what i want is that when 1 question is deleted from the "questions" table all it&#039s child answers shuld get deleted from the answers table also.<BR><BR>Please advise with refrence to SQL Server 6.5 (if possible)<BR><BR>thanx<BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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    You can turn on cascade delete (an option when you set up the foreign key). This means, whenever you delete a primary key, delete all of its associated foreign keys.<BR><BR>The better way to do it, in my opinion, is to code it in your ASP. So, when they say: delete question id X, first you do:<BR><BR>DELETE FROM Answers WHERE Question_ID = X<BR><BR>to remove all of the answers, then you do:<BR><BR>DELETE FROM Questions WHERE Question_ID = X<BR><BR>Finally, you can create a delete trigger in the Questions table that will cascade delete the questions in the answer table. I can provide code for this if you like... I&#039d suggest doing it the ASP way, though.

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    I have not written an interface for the deletion thro ASP(though writng one wont be a pain). However, the idea of a trigger is cool. if u could help me with that , i guess it would be great.<BR><BR>what say?<BR>

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