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    If a Session Variable requires that cookies be accpted by the user, why not use a non-persisting cookie to store simple info like userLevel? Can a non-persisting cookie be edited by the visitor? Am I way off in thinking that using the cookie puts less load on the server? Do cookies that don&#039t persist get written to the visitors disk and therefore are editable by the user or are they like Session Variables and are not editable by the user?<BR><BR>Thanks for the help, especially the person that responded to my last post on this topic.

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    Hi, I was reading about this yesterday. I think the main advantage of using session variables over cookies is that you can store arrays and objects in session variables whearas you can only store simple data types in cookies. I think the main disadvantage of session variables is that they take up memory on the server whearas cookies don&#039t. If you want to read about it yourself, go to <BR><BR>hope this helps - Dominic<BR>

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    ASP Session variables are cookies. They are downloaded on the client&#039s machine and persist for the life of the session.<BR><BR>You can use hidden form values that are continually posted with the content of a html page to mimic this functionality. The advantage of this approach is that you do not need the client to be able to accept cookies. ASP session variables will not work if cookies are not accepted on the client side.

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    Default RE: ack!!! I still need answers...

    Thank for the responses, but my burning question still remains unanswered. Does anyone know if non-persisting cookies (cookies that dont have an .Expires property set) are written to the users hard disk and can then be edited (I cant seem to find the cookie file when i set it, but I may be looking in the wrong place...ns/users/user/ and windows/cookies/)? I&#039ve read all the great advice on 4guys and a few other pages, but I still cant find an answer to that question.<BR><BR>Thanks for helping out.<BR><BR>

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