I have an asp page that currently is creating a database and a user login for that database. After everything successfully (I thought) executed, I tried to change my connection properties for the server and then login as this new user. It wouldn&#039;t allow me to, so I logged back in as the administrator and looked at the properties for the new login. On the general tab, it had the user&#039;s default database specified as the new database that I had created in the asp page, but when I went to the database access tab, the database was not selected. So, I&#039;m not sure how to set that in my script. I&#039;ve done some searching in BOL, but I can&#039;t figure it out. Also, if there&#039;s a way to do this in a query, or stored procedure, will it also specify what type of role the user has (public, db_owner, etc.)? Thanks.<BR>