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    Default Securing my files

    How to avoid from intruders whom directly enters into my asp files.

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    Default Do you mean you want to...

    ...somehow encrypt your ASP files, so if somebody hacks into your website (FTP for example) they can&#039;t see your code?<BR><BR>Well, that&#039;s technically not possible, unless you compile everything into an EXE and somehow use that, but that would be serious overkill.<BR><BR>Alternatively, you can try and "obfuscate" your code, i.e. make it very hard to read and understand. For example, you can rename your variables, functions and sub routines to something cryptic, e.g. DIM abc12h18kl.<BR><BR>There&#039;s probably even a tool out there that does this sort of thing for you. Try Google and see what it throws up.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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