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    Hi All<BR> How do i get six dropdowns that read from the database that is dependent on the previous one. <BR>For eg. I select dropdown1, the options from the second and the rest get affected, then when i select the second one, the options in the third and the rest get affected and so on. How do i get to do this . <BR>Thanks<BR>

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    I wrote it 4 or 5 years ago, and it could be better organized (codewise) but it works and is easy to extend to 3 or more dependent dropdowns.<BR><BR>The other option is to do it all in client-side JS, using arrays of info. Which is better depends on the *TOTAL* number of all possible options. (e.g., if you have 10 in the first, 10 in second for each in first for total of 100 in second, and 10 in third for each in second for total of 1000 in third, then there will be total of 1110 options. I&#039;d put that at the extreme end of using a JS solution. Only a couple of hundred total? Sure, why not JS.)<BR><BR>

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