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    Default Scrollbar appears at 800x600

    I like to use this script ( but when I have six menu items at 110 each the bottom scrollbar appears in the browser (IE 6) at a screen res of 800x600. It is like the script adds one more menu item at the end that is invisible (which would still be less than 800!). I have tried several changes to the script but no luck. Does anyone know of a script that has sub menus and that can span the full 800 pixels (or at least 95%)?

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    Default Have to account for the invisible...

    ...sub-menus, too, you know. Just because they aren&#039;t showing on the screen doesn&#039;t mean they don&#039;t have width.<BR><BR>If you WOULD need a horizontal scroll bar when the very widest and furthest right possible sub-menu is displayed, then you need the horizontal scroll bar all the time.<BR><BR>You probably could get rid of it by using <BR> style.display = "none"<BR>instad of <BR> style.visibility = "hidden"<BR><BR>

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