Hi,<BR><BR>I am writing an admin utility that will do a mass mailing of our newsletter to all the users in the DB that want to receive it. There are about 20k users. Right now there is a VB app that does the mailing, but we want to move it to a web interface. The VB app takes about 3 hours to send out all the emails. Is there a way to do a non-blocking call from the ASP to a function in the VB DLL (installed in Component Services under COM+ Applications)? To get status, I&#039d just poll the database which will be updated (by the DLL) as users are emailed.<BR><BR>All of the functions in the VB DLL I am calling from ASP are blocking (do not return until the function completes). Obviously, a 3 hour timeout is not a possibility. Therefore, I figure that non-blocking is the way to go. I&#039d kick it off with a non-blocking call from ASP to the DLL. The DLL returns, but continues to process - iterating through the resultset of users, emailing each one.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I just posted a question about Loosely Coupled Events (LCE&#039s). Are LCE&#039s a good way to attack this problem?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>--Ed