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    I am beating my head against the wall, I am sure its an easy fix. Based on this code, everything works fine, yet I have a sort option that upon selection, resends the page and re-sorts based on the choice. When this happens, I am losing my 2 main variables, as they are being retrieved from a form. Any ideas of how to maintain these variables upon refresh? TIA...<BR><BR>Dim strWhatDate<BR>strStartDay = request.form("txtStart")<BR>strEndDay = request.form("txtEnd")<BR>strWhatDate = "BETWEEN " & strStartDay & " AND " & strEndDay & ")" <BR><BR>--I then use this to build a query to retrieve the records...Yet lose these variables upon re-sort...Help please!<BR><BR><BR>

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    strStartDay = request("txtStart")<BR>strEndDay = request("txtEnd")<BR>then include txtstart and txtend in the querystring of the url you are sending<BR>

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