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    I have a generic control that appears at the bottom of many of my web pages that allows users to approve or reject the document. It is all contained in an ASCX file. It shows the names and dates and statuses of the approval workflow<BR><BR>I need the buttons to additionally trigger methods that are specific to the "containing" page/document (if they updted the document before approving)<BR><BR>How do I do that?<BR><BR>I am using codebehind for both ASPX and ASCX<BR><BR>parent.methodname?<BR><BR>Also, can I call the two methods within a transaction - so if the approval-update fails the document-update also fails and vice versa<BR><BR>many thanks

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    Cast this.Page as a specific type inside your control.<BR><BR>You should consider a more OO approach, attaching handlers in the pages to events in the control.<BR>

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