Hello all,<BR><BR> At work I write components(COM+) in VB6 that are used in the ASPs that we provide for our department. Our development enviornment consists of development, database, and production servers. All of the machines are running Windows 2000 Server, and the Web servers are running IIS 5. The hardware on the respective machines is exactly the same. <BR><BR>About 3 weeks ago, the production server started to load certain pages very slowly. These pages call functions in my components. The exact same pages on the develpment server load within 3 seconds, while the pages on the production server can take upwards of 20 seconds to load. After inserting some code into my functions to keep track of how much time the different operations in the function are taking to execute, I discovered that retrieving Recordsets from the Database takes a trivial amount of time(less than a second) on both servers, although the production server still took about 3 times longer. The majority of the time is spent in building the HTML that is sent back to the page. <BR><BR>The components are developed on the Development server using Visual Studio 6 SP5. Once a modification or new function is working I copy the DLL over to the production server where a component by the same name is registered. I have gone through both the COM administration interface and IIS MMC looking for possible configuration options that differ between the two machines but have been unable to find anything that affected performance. <BR><BR>Also, while the function is executing on the production server there is virtually no CPU usage to suggest that the component is working on executing the function, the DDLHOST process that controls the component rarely takes up more than 7% of the CPU while executing the function until right before it returns the HTML, at which point it jumps up briefly.<BR><BR>The functions in question do a few different things but the basic premise is the same. Take a couple of parameters specified by the user in a web page, create and execute some SQL based on those parameters, and then build some response HTML using the Recordset that I get from the HTML. <BR><BR>I could really use some help figuring out why the server is processing these pages so slowly. I realize that this is a pretty vauge question, so If I can offer any more details please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>suguna