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    When using Visual InterDev 6 to debug an ASP page on a particular project I receive the following messages:<BR>"Unable to attach to server"<BR>or<BR>"Unable to set server to debug automatically"<BR>I set up debugging on the server in Internet Service Manager (IIS 4.0) and even tried running the debugger on the server itself and same problems. <BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>

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    well i have had this problem forever.but the best thing i can suggest is to uninstall visual interdev on the server and have only micorsoft script debugger on it.this is how it worked for me bcos what happens is when u have both visual interdev and script debugger on the same machine someohow when an error occurs the vi takes care of the error and it is never passed to the script the best thing is to have it debugged with the script debugger.

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