HI <BR>I need to have a file that check if the user is currently logged in or not.<BR>SO i create a adminsession.aspx file<BR>where i include the page directive<BR>&#060;%@ Page language="c#" Codebehind="adminsession.aspx.cs" AutoEventWireup="false" Inherits="Rapid.adminsession" %&#062;<BR><BR>when i include this file in each page of my appliction(SO that it is neccessary to login before accessiing any page)<BR>It gives an error message that only one page directive to be use.<BR>I understand that all mypage already have a page directive of there own page.So i remove the page direcive of adminsession.aspx file<BR><BR>but then it gives a message that A page can have only one runat server tag...<BR>How should i include a page to each page of my application so that it checks the login session first.<BR>Thanks <BR>Gurpreet Singh<BR><BR>