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    That&#039s right, the guy running my server deleted the FileSystemObject, and I assume the whole Scripting library, because he said it&#039s a security hole that allows people to access any file, and that most servers nowadays would have that removed... I don&#039t believe him. Is there anything I can tell him, or a patch for whatever hole he&#039s talking about, that will get me back my FileSystemObject? It would be greatly appreciated. Anyone know arguments for why I can istall BrowserHawk, ASPEmail, ASPUpload, and ContentRotator while you&#039re at it? THanks.

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    The problem is that if he gives write/delete permissions to a set of directories (perhaps your Web directory and other Web site directories on the site), then you (or one of the other sites on the box) can delete files or create files in those directories.<BR><BR>Since IIS uses one anonymous Web account, if you need write/delete permissions for FSO on your directories, another developer on another Web site on the same box can ALSO write and delete files on your account. That can be bad. Also, if your Web host isn&#039t too saavy (that is, if permissions are not properly set), you can use FSO to delete files all over the Web server (like the c:winnt directory, for example)<BR><BR>So, my suggestion is rather than fight with this guy, get a REAL Web host. You can read a Web host review at: http://www.4GuysFromRolla.com/webtech/hosts.shtml<BR><BR>These bigger Web hosts already have components like BrowserHawk and ASPEmail installed for you to use freely...

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