&nbsp;<BR>Hi, <BR><BR>Have anyone can tell me how to solve the below problem: <BR><BR>I using SQL Server 2000 database, I create one table called "tblFolder". <BR>Inside got folderId, folder_name, folder_active, folder_unique fields. <BR><BR>However, inside data got mix with parent data, sub data and so on. Fo example, display somethings like this way: <BR>FolderId ---Folder_name --- Folder_Unique <BR>1 -----------Cruise ------------ none <BR>2 -----------SubCruise-------- Cruise <BR>3 -----------SubSubCruise---- SubCruise <BR>4 -----------TVTech------------ none <BR>5 -----------TVShow----------- TVTech <BR>6 -----------TVLive------------- TVShow <BR><BR><BR>At the above data, where folder_Unique = none is parent folder. Then, those data who have subfolder which depend on folder_unique. If I want based on that table, I want to display data in like the dynamic treeview. Look like below: <BR><BR>+Cruise <BR>-----&#062;SubCruise *The code will know this SubCruise is depend on Cruise (Unique_Folder) <BR>---------&#062;SubSubCruise *The code will know this SubSubCruise is depend on SubCruise (Unique_Folder) <BR><BR>+TVTech <BR>-----&#062;TVShow <BR>---------&#062;TVLive