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    Dan H Guest

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    OK, here&#039s what I need to do. After my .asp script processes I&#039d like to save the resulting markup as an .html file. (This will be used for quick retrievel of information when needed since the .asp is huge and runs kind of slow.) I&#039m experimenting with File System Object to see if I can do it that way. FSO has a method called CreateTextFile that I think may work. Am I on track with thinking I can do this using FSO? Also, how would I indicate that the resulting .asp mark up is the file I want to save? In other words, if I do this:<BR><BR>Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>Set link = objFSO.CreateTextFile("RESULTING MARK UP")<BR><BR>how would I indicate the processed .asp as RESULTING MARK UP? Thank you for any help you can offer.

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Given that performance is not an issue...

    Here&#039s what I would do...<BR><BR>1) Write an aspFile which writes a single variable (strQQBob) to a file named after your current server location, but with an .htm.<BR><BR>2) Go into your ASP file and replace ever response.write&#039ed bit with a strQQBob = strQQBob & -- so you&#039re rolling up the sum and total of your page in strQQBob.<BR><BR>3) Use an include line on the end to get your output.<BR><BR>Note that this will probably take quite a while, especially if you&#039re doing a lot of little response.write&#039s... But that&#039s why you&#039re doing this in the first place, isn&#039t it?<BR><BR>HiH!

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    Hey Dan.<BR><BR>Just wanted to say that I&#039ve done what you describe many times, so if you still need more help, feel free to e-mail me.<BR><BR>Take care,<BR>Lasse.<BR>( )<BR>

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    Dan H Guest

    Default RE: Given that performance is not an issue...

    Thanx Jason, sounds like an interesting solution. The last part of it has me a little befuddled tho. When you say to use an include line at the end to get the output I&#039m not sure what you mean. Can you please explain a little further. Thanx alot for your help.

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    Default The new article on 4guys may solve it?

    I would imagine the new article just posted on this site could solve your problem see:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Try retrieving your large ASP from a seperate page, then rather than extracting a snippet from the resulting file (as in the example) use the file system object to save the whole file as HTML<BR><BR>regards, Steve<BR><BR>

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