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    Hello Every1,<BR> Here i am new to .Net, i m practising ASP.Net i have some small problem as i have some records in database as :<BR>Name Age<BR>ABC 26<BR>XYZ 27<BR>PQR 25<BR><BR>i would like to display the output as :<BR><BR>Name ABC XYZ PQR<BR>Age 26 27 25<BR><BR>Is this possible in ASP.Net as i have worked in ASP and i was success. So any one having idea of such type please help me out.<BR><BR>Thankyou in Advance<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>Sai Kumar<BR>Web Developer

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    Your case can be dealed with Repeater of ASP.Net. Let concentrate on it.<BR><BR>YSKCam.

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