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    &nbsp;<BR><BR>Hi!<BR><BR>Using yahoo newsgroups there is a nice fecture that I would like to ask you if it is easy to implement in my ASP sit. <BR><BR>in yahoo groups you can send an email to the groups email address, and all subscribers receive it. That is, you can send an email do that address, that the site manages to send it to all registered emails in the newsletter group.<BR>I have the list on an access database.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to do this? thanks!

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    Read the docs on CDonts<BR>or the better aspMail (If supported)...<BR><BR>You have all address listed in database, I presume you have groups in database as well...<BR><BR>You would query the database to return all the email addresses for that group<BR>and either loop through the results 1 at a time sending the emails<BR><BR>or make use of the CC and sent to them all in 1 shot...<BR>

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