Using a Distinct Inner Join, I am attempting to create a results set of Parent Table fields from a search on a Child table. The results need to include one text field, however, SQL Server does not allow me to include text data type fields while using DISTINCT. If I do as follows (with Fields 1 and 2 being varchar fields), I get the desired results:<BR><BR>Select Distinct Parent.Field1, Parent.Field2 from Parent Inner Join Child on Parent.ID=Child.ID Where Child.Field3=(querystring)<BR><BR>However, I need to include all Parent table fields (like as follows), but having a text field in my parent table precludes me from doing it:<BR><BR>Select Distinct Parent.* from Parent Inner Join Child on Parent.ID=Child.ID Where Child.Field3=(querystring)<BR><BR>If I remove DISTINCT from the SQL string, it produces duplicate results because it prints the same number of parent records as times the child result is found, rather than just once for each parent that includes one or more matching child results.<BR><BR>Is there a way to eliminate duplicate parent records with ntext, text, or image fields in the result set without having to change the data types for these fields?<BR><BR>Thanks!