in the root of my application I&#039;ve got a web.config file specifying forms authentication. Within the root I&#039;ve got another folder called secure<BR><BR>My Setup:<BR><BR>DBForms Folder (root) with web.config that configures Forms Authentication.<BR><BR>Secure Folder - Below root - with web.config denying anonymous access. This folder contains login.aspx and defaulr.aspx<BR><BR>My understanding is that if you go directly to login.aspx and successfully login you will be redirected to default.aspx. The problem I&#039;m having is that it is redirecting to default.aspx in the root.<BR><BR>Does anyone know the setting in the root web.config which specifies the path to default.aspx similar to how you can specify LoginURL.<BR><BR>Or can it not be done??<BR><BR>Cheers <BR>Mark