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    Normally we store DB Conn string in global.asa (...onstart event...and then an Application variable) for ASP pages and for VB EXE programs in an INI file. Now I have been asked to store the conn string in one place where it could be accessed by both ASP and standard EXE programs. <BR>Is there was a way we could access ASP objects in VB EXE program? If this works then I could get rid of INI file and read connection string from ASP Application variable in VB. <BR>Any ideas? Thanks for your help.<BR>

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    Although you&#039;re generally advised against it i&#039;d say your best bet would be the registry?<BR><BR><BR>craig

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    Default Why not INI file?

    Just slap it in an INI file and write a quick parser to strip it out?

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