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    i have a drop down menu that lists the months of the year.<BR><BR>&#060;select name=months&#062;<BR><BR> ....options....<BR><BR>&#060;/select&#062;<BR><BR>my problem is that when the user opens up the drop down, only 11 of the months are displayed..............in order to view the last month (or the first month, depending on where the slide-rule is), the user has to use the slide-rule.<BR><BR>i&#039;d like to make the drop-down menu just a little bit longer so that it will include all 12 months.<BR><BR>i tried this:<BR><BR>&#060;select name=months size=12&#062;<BR><BR>but all that did was elimate the drop down effect. it just displayed a very large select with all 12 months showing. i want to keep the drop down effect, but lengthen it a little.<BR><BR>i hope that makes sense.<BR><BR>thanks in advance!

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    Default Up to the browser.

    You can&#039;t control it (as far as I&#039;m aware).

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    The Size attribute is the "number of visible options" so altering this i&#039;d expect the behaviour you found. I&#039;d like you to prove me wrong but i can&#039;t see anyway to get the functionality you want.

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