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    I have tried to integrate a database into Frontpage 2000 but with no sucess.<BR><BR>The results page seems to be generated OK, and I think I am using the query (?) correctly but if, for example, I create a hyperlink with a reference "..products.asp?Prod=Z Custom Ride" and click on it, the ASP page loads up but does not show any of the info that I have requested.<BR><BR>Does the page need to be on-line or with a special server?<BR>What am I doing wrong?<BR>Can anyone provide any help with database access?<BR><BR>Thanks very much for your time.

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    I am assuming that you have the frontpage website on personal web server or IIS<BR><BR>But you should post your SQL statement

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    OK, so I&#039ve figured out that you can&#039t run it from a local disk.<BR><BR>Looks as if I&#039ll have to run it from a PWS then.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR>PS. Do you know of any free web-hosting where I can put my site on?

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