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    We have an application that I&#039;m not very familiar with, so the details are unfortunately sketchy.<BR><BR>When we try to log into the app, we have a message that says "Login failed for magicdata_dbo." We have a SQL 7.0 backend dB. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? I can&#039;t find any "users" that are named magicdata.<BR><BR>It seems like there&#039;s some backend authentication that we do not know about. I know there aren&#039;t many details, but any suggestions is appreciated.<BR>Thanks

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    &#062; I can&#039;t find any "users" that are named magicdata.<BR><BR>so change the code to refer to a user that actually exists, or add a user with the appropriate name.<BR><BR>but don&#039;t try building any rockets. doesn&#039;t sound like you&#039;re up to it.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.readthe****

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