I have a treeview of companies/divisions etc. I would like to add users to the different levels of the tree.<BR>So, admin can select a level, then select a user from teh dropdown and click Add User. It should add the user to the tree.<BR>On the page refresh, how do I default to the selectedDivision. I was going to submit from client code as I was going to pop up a few message e.g. :Are you sure you want to add xyz", then pass the id of co/divison to add user to using the id attribute i.e.<BR><BR>in client side code<BR>********************<BR>Form.action="treev iew.aspx?nodeID=" + selNode.getAttribute("id");<BR>TreeView.submit();< BR> <BR><BR>onPageLoad in code behind <BR>******************************************<BR> if(Request.QueryString["nodeIndex"].Length&#062;0)<BR> {<BR> LoadOrgTree();<BR> Treeview1.SelectedNodeIndex = Request.QueryString["nodeID"];<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>I now have the NodeID, how do I get the selectedIndex based on this NodeID and set the selectedIndex to be selected and highlighted.<BR>