Easy problem! but I don't know. Heeelp!!

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Thread: Easy problem! but I don't know. Heeelp!!

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    I have to capture a value(same value) through series of pages.<BR>Here is my problem. In the page page1.asp I have captured the user registered status coming from previous page as follows...<BR><BR>Flag = Request.Querysting("Status")<BR>Now, this value I need to pass to the following file.<BR> if request("DOBESTBUY") &#060;&#062; "" then Response.Redirect("dofaresdelay.asp")<BR> elseif request("DOPOWER") &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> Response.Redirect("dopowerdelay.asp")<BR>End if <BR><BR>I know I need to pass that value somewhere in the response.redirect statement but I don&#039t know how? I don&#039t know the syntax at all.<BR>Can somebody help me please!! <BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Here is a sample fragment I had used before. The flow I had here was to redirect to another page if the returned recordset only contained one (1) record. Otherwise, I would execute a function to list the returned records in a table-like fashion.<BR><BR>To get the redirection based on the Member ID, I did the following:<BR><BR> strRedirect = "MemberInfo.asp?MemberID=" & rst("Member ID")<BR> Response.Redirect(strRedirect)<BR><BR>If I am understanding your question, this sample fragment should be what you need.<BR><BR>Hope it helps<BR><BR>-Rob-<BR>

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    response.redirect("thispage.asp?passval=" & Flag)<BR><BR>then on the next page, ref. the value as a normal querystring:<BR>request.querystring("passval")<BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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