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    I am beginning to make websites in i have created a form which gets all dropdownlist from db and few text inputs from user. And on buttonclick i have written a function in which i am checking all the values of fields entered by user.Now i want to take those values and search the db and display results in tabular form with paging. Can i post the form to different page which does all the formatting and paging of results ? if yes how to get those form values in new page.<BR><BR>brij

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    Default Well you could...

    all you would need to do is something like<BR><BR>sub Page_Load()<BR> if page.IsPostBack then<BR> response.redirect("page2.aspx?" &request.form)<BR> end if<BR>end sub<BR><BR>I think that works, I would suggest you look at just showing the results on the same page though as then you only have to handle the data once.

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