Hi,<BR><BR>I have written a class method which sends out emails for a support ticket system, it has properties for the To address and also you can have an additional property for BCC addresses which is an array of the addresses.<BR><BR>The problem is it only works if you specify both the To & BCC properties and I want it to work even if you just specify a To properties.<BR><BR>Please can someone help!! It shouldnt be too tricky...<BR><BR>Here is the aspx code which calls it:<BR><BR>[code language="vb.net"]<BR>Dim strEmailAddresses(1) as String<BR><BR>strEmailAddresses(0) = "email2@example.com"<BR>strEmailAddresses(1) = "email3@example.com"<BR><BR>Dim objTicket as New TicketSystem()<BR><BR>objTicket.ToAddress = "email4@example.com"<BR>objTicket.BccAddresses = strEmailAddresses<BR>objTicket.Message = "Test"<BR>objTicket.Send()<BR>[/code]<BR><BR>and here is the class code:<BR><BR>[code language="vb.net"]<BR>Imports System<BR>Imports System.Text<BR>Imports System.Web.Mail<BR><BR>Namespace Cienet.TicketSystem<BR><BR> Public Class TicketSystem<BR> <BR> Public Sub New()<BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Private _strToAddress as String<BR> Private _strBccAddresses as Array<BR> Private _strMessage as String<BR> Private _intCounter as Integer<BR> Private _sbBccAddresses As New StringBuilder()<BR><BR> Public WriteOnly Property ToAddress as String<BR> Set (ByVal strToAddress as String)<BR> _strToAddress = strToAddress<BR> End Set<BR> End Property<BR><BR> Public WriteOnly Property BccAddresses as Array<BR> Set (ByVal strBccAddresses as Array)<BR> _strBccAddresses = strBccAddresses<BR> End Set<BR> End Property <BR><BR> Public WriteOnly Property Message as String<BR> Set (ByVal strMessage as String)<BR> _strMessage = strMessage<BR> End Set<BR> End Property<BR><BR> Public Function Send()<BR> For _intCounter = 0 To _strBccAddresses.GetUpperBound(0)<BR> If _intCounter &#060;&#062; 0 Then<BR> _sbBccAddresses.Append(";")<BR> End If<BR> _sbBccAddresses.Append(_strBccAddresses(_intCounte r))<BR> Next<BR><BR> Dim objMM as New MailMessage()<BR> objMM.To = _strToAddress<BR> objMM.Bcc = _sbBccAddresses.ToString()<BR> objMM.From = "email1@example.com"<BR> objMM.Subject = "Ticket Request :)"<BR> objMM.Body = _strMessage<BR> SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "*.*.*.*"<BR> SmtpMail.Send(objMM)<BR><BR> End Function<BR><BR> End Class<BR><BR>End Namespace<BR><BR>[/code]<BR><BR>Thanks!!