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    I have developed a number of client sites using Dreamweaver, ASP and Access as the database.<BR><BR>I am starting work soon on a new client site that will have a lot more traffic than anything else I have built. I have done a bit of research and I guess the time is right to use SQL Server as the database.<BR><BR>If anyone can give any tips on what I can expect in terms of the learning curve and any experiences they would like to share that would be great.<BR><BR>BTW, I am not a guru by any stretch of the imagination.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    it CAN be dead easy. Much of Access&#039;s SQL can run on SQL Server with minimal changes. If you use VBA functions you&#039;ll need some changes, though. <BR><BR>It&#039;ll take a bit more expertise to get the absolute best out of it, but you&#039;ll be fine pretty much straight away. the documentation is rich and detailed and if you can&#039;t find the answer in it, then it&#039;s probably incredibly advanced. The ASP code is the same.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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